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March 23, 2020

The Bhamla lab joins forces with other engineering groups at Georgia Tech to design and manufacture low-cost and scalable faceshields. These efforts aim to offset the expected shortage in necessary medical equipment at local hospitals

December 30, 2019

Saad was among four ChBE faculty at Georgia Tech to win the prestigious 2020 NSF CAREER award! Read more here: 


Ray passes quals!

January 14, 2020

Congrats to 1st year ChBE student Xiangting (Ray) Lei for passing her quals with flying colors!! 

EletroPen published in PLOS Biology

January 10, 2020

Read about our latest frugal science invention - a 23 cent electroporator. Congrats to authors Gaurav and Soham from the lab.

Read the paper here - https://journals.plos.org/plosbiology/article?id=10.1371/journal.pbio.3000589

Low-cost hearing aid manuscript on biorxiv

October 18, 2019

Read about our $1 low-cost hearing aid or LoCHAid manuscript on biorxiv. Saad also has a tweet story here https://twitter.com/BhamlaLab/status/1186403056381915137?s=20

New NSF grant on building cyborg cells

October 01, 2019

The lab received a new collaborative grant from NSF as part of its Rules of Life initiative to build synthetic cells.

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We are looking for curious-minded and passionate researchers, from undergraduates to postdocs, to join our team. Our research interests cover a wide range of topics: frugal tools for science and global health, extreme and ultra-fast organismic biophysics, interfacial fluid dynamics, and  experimental soft-matter physics. To apply, please send a copy of recent CV, a brief summary of your projects, and a short statement of your research interests. For potential postdoc fellows, suggestions for fellowships to be targeted are welcome.


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