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Udita wins Blue Sky Innovation Award from American Forest & Paper Association

Read more about Udita's awesome honor here.

“Udita Ringania’s research is an impressive example of innovation in the forest products industry with great potential to help paper and packaging manufacturers advance sustainability,” said Heidi Brock, AF&PA president and CEO. “On behalf of AF&PA and our members, we congratulate Udita and look forward to seeing this exciting research progress.”

Anonymous donor Funding for low-cost hearing aid

Lab received a translation evaluation funding from an anonymous donor to clinically evaluate our ultra-low-cost hearing aid in Malawi.

new lab logo

Kate Burgener designed our labs new logo - how fab!

New comics on worm blobs

As part of our NSF CAREER outreach, we've made new comics to accompany our PNAS paper. Read them on the comics page

NSF i-CORP grant

We received a grant from NSF for customer discovery for low-cost gene delivery platform. Led by Gaurav Byagathvalli. More details here.

Johnny receives fellowship

In recognition of his significant accomplishments, Johnny received the 2021 Herbert Haley Fellowship from ChBE, that includes $4000 monetary award.

New paper on slingshot Spider published

Check out paper by Elio and Symone on modeling of slingshot spiders here

Worm blobs on Wired

Researchers Are Studying These Worm Blobs to Build Robots

These crawlers form clumps to protect the collective. Understanding their movement gives engineers a model for shape-shifting robot swarms. WIRED.

New paper out in PNAS

Read about our work on collective dynamics in worm and robot blobs here:



We are looking for curious-minded and passionate researchers, from undergraduates to postdocs, to join our team. Our research interests cover a wide range of topics: frugal tools for science and global health, extreme and ultra-fast organismic biophysics, interfacial fluid dynamics, and  experimental soft-matter physics. To apply, please send a copy of recent CV, a brief summary of your projects, and a short statement of your research interests. For potential postdoc fellows, suggestions for fellowships to be targeted are welcome.

Current Open Position for Frugal Engineering.


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